GR Series


Cut down your mowing time while manicuring your lawn, with Kubota’s revolutionary ‘Glide Steer’ technology.

Only revolutionary technology by Kubota could enable the GR Series to turn so sharply, yet minimize potential turf damage to levels below standard 2wd lawn tractors. Offering precise control and exceptional traction with ‘Glide Steer’, GR Series tractors not only cut in confined areas, they cut down overall mowing time as well. Add it all up, and you have the most maneuverable and powerful lawn tractor Kubota has ever built.

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Models We Carry


17 HP, 48" deck. Flawless precision, streamlined maneuverability.


20.5 HP, 48" deck. Tight turning radius, professional results and our “Glide Steer” technology.

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