M Series

M Series

Utility Tractors

MODELS: M60, M4, M5, M6

The Kubota M Series are engineered and designed for pristine performance in numerous types of climates and operations. Whether you’re baling 5 x 6 bales on 500 acres or, landscaping 20 acres there is a M Series tractor engineered for you. These utility tractors are divided into three series: the M60, the M4, the M5 and the M6 Series. These series offer different horsepower options which allows for the Kubota customer to choose which tractor best accommodates their wants and needs.

Model Details

The tractors in the M60 Series are designed for those who are raking hay, rotary cutting, scraping, moving bales and other utility operations. The M4 tractors give small cattle/ hobby farmers the tools needed for quickly and efficiently completing a day's work. The M5 Series is designed for those who have a larger operation or who need more horsepower like smaller hay and cattle farmers. Compared to the M60 series, this series offers a larger and more deluxe cab. M6 Series tractor line is a premium offering for those who are looking for a mid-range utility tractor. This tractor is designed for cattle farmers and ranchers and is packed full with premium features for those long work hours.

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